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Mike said Joe the front desk person was impeccable. Jeff the owner was great. The place is super clean and they are very professional and down to earth. The place is spotless.


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Serving Tampa’s Transmissions Since 1992


Welcome to Jeff’s Transmission in Tampa Florida just between N. Lois Avenue and Air Cargo Road on Osborne Avenue.  We’ve been in the automatic transmission repairmanual transmission repair, and drive line business since 1992 and are not leaving any time soon. We are one of the very few transmission repair shops that not only repair transmissions, rebuild and re-manufactured transmissions, but sell transmissions and drive-lines as well.

TAMPA, FL 33614


Did you know every transmission from Jeff’s Transmission comes with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. Other warranties are available upon request for an additional fee.



Do you feel your transmission slipping and having transmission problems? Bring your car or truck into Jeff’s Transmission today before it’s too late and we can save you on the costs of replacing a complete transmission by servicing your transmission. We’ll give you a complete FREE Estimate on your transmission repair options including a test drive, scan check, and lift check.*

Many auto repair shops call us for rebuilt and re-manufactured transmissions as we are a supplier and are well known for our workmanship. We are different in that we are the experts who will rebuild and reinstall your transmission. We will remove your transmission, rebuild it, and reinstall it saving you lots of money. Give us a call as we have an inventory of rebuilt transmissions on site ready for installation and we’ll give you the latest discount transmission prices; better than that of many around.


Need Financing? No Problem!

Check out our financing options below.



Are you in a  pinch for funds?

We offer Interest Free Financing on transmission repairs from Car Care One for 6 months! Want to know more? Just give us a call. We’re well known to work with our customers to make their lives easier with their repairs.

Whether your vehicle is still drive-able or you need to tow it in, stop in for free transmission repair prices. You might not need to replace your transmission. We live by the idea that if it’s not broken, we won’t tell you it’s broken. We’d rather that you come back to us another day remembering that we told you the truth the first time and have you spread the word that we treated you right even if it’s a minor change of fluids within the transmission or drive-line. We prefer a happier customer.

Call us or stop in to see what we can do for you. We give Free Estimates of work and you’ll get to see first hand just how we do business; for the long haul.

We Service Many Makes


Our services include but are not limited to:

Remanufactured Transmissions
Rebuilt Transmissions
Drive Shaft Replacements
Drive Shaft Repairs
Drive Line Replacements
Drive Line Servicing
Manual Transmission Repairs
Manual Transmission Replacements
Clutch Replacements
Clutch Repairs
Rear End Replacements
Rear End Repairs
Transfer Case Replacements
Transfer Case Repairs
Transmission Fluid Changes and Flushes
Drive Line Fluid Changes and Flushes
Rear End Fluid Changes and Flushes

If it has anything to do with a Drive Line we can replace or repair it and more.

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