European Transmissions

We specialize in Foreign transmissions especially those built by ZF Transmissions other European Transmission builders. See some of the models we’ve already rebuilt and service are listed below for reference.

bmw-convertible-2ZF Transmissions

Manual transmissions
4-speed longitudinal
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5-speed longitudinal

5 DS 25 – sequential transmission as fitted to the Ford GT40 MK1 and MK3, De Tomaso Mangusta, De Tomaso Pantera, Maserati Bora, Lancia 037, BMW M1, Saleen S7
S5D 310Z – as fitted to the BMW e36 M3 3.0[1]
S5-42 — 1987–1995
S5-47 — 1996–current
A4S 310R — 1991–1995
A4S 270R — 1995–1999

6-speed longitudinal

S6-40 — 1989–1996

Automatic transmissions
3-speed auto

3HP12 — longitudinal, first ZF automatic transmission for passenger cars 1965–????
3HP20 — longitudinal 1967–
3HP22 — longitudinal 1975–

4-speed auto

4HP14 — transverse 1987–2001
4HP18 — longitudinal 1987–1998
4HP18 — transverse 1987–1999
4HP20 — transverse 1995–present
4HP22 — longitudinal 1980–2003
4HP24 — longitudinal 1987–

5-speed auto

5HP18 — longitudinal 1990–1999
5HP19 — longitudinal 1996–
5HP24 — longitudinal 1996–
5HP30 — longitudinal 1992–2003

6-speed auto

6HP19 — longitudinal smaller version of 6HP26
6HP21 — longitudinal 2nd generation of 6HP19 2007–
6HP26 — longitudinal 2000–
6HP28 — longitudinal 2nd generation of 6HP26 2007–[2]
6HP32 — longitudinal bigger version of 6HP26
6HP34 — longitudinal 2nd generation of 6HP32[3]

7-speed dual clutch

7DT — longitudinal 2009– (two variants of the Porsche PDK dual clutch transmission):[4][5][6]

The first variant, the 7DT-45 – used in the 911 Carrera,[6][7][8] the 2009 997 Carrera and Carrera S models;[9][10][11] the 2009 Cayman[5] and Boxster,[5] along with a higher torque version, the 7DT-70 in the 2010 911 Turbo.[5][12]

The second variant, the 7DT-75 – is used in the Panamera.[5][13]

8-speed auto

8HP45 & 8HP70 — longitudinal 2009–[14][15]

9-speed auto

9HP — longitudinal 2012–[16][17][18]


CFT23 — transverse

Heavy vehicles

These are for heavy motor vehicles; such as large goods vehicles (trucks), buses, motorcoaches, agricultural machinery, plant equipment (such as earth movers), or specialist military vehicles such as tanks.
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Manual synchromesh transmissions for trucks

ZF S-535/2 manual transmission


ZF S635


16S 221 OD
16S 1685 TD

Manual synchromesh transmissions for tanks

SSG 76 Aphon
SSG 77 Aphon


AK 7-200

Automatic transmissions
2-speed auto

Busmatic — 1963–1979

Ecomat series
Main article: ZF Ecomat

4, 5 or 6-speed with Hydraulic Retarder and Neutral on Vehicle Stop (4/5/6 HP 500/590/600) — 1980–2002
4, 5 or 6-speed with Hydraulic Retarder and Neutral on Vehicle Stop (4/5/6 HP 502/592/602/C) — 1997–present
5, or 6-speed with Hydraulic Retarder and Neutral on Vehicle Stop (5/6 HP 504C/594C/604C) — 2006–present

6-speed auto

EcoLife with Hydraulic Retarder — 2006–

12-speed AMT

AS Tronic – automated manual (AMT) with Hydraulic Retarder — 1997–[19]

List of ZF Transmissions by Wikipedia

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