Nissan Truck and SUV Transmission Problems

For Nissan Pathfinder, Xterra, Frontier, and the Infiniti QX4:

A common complaint of owners of these Nissan models is a slipping, bucking, and erractic shifting here and there and sometimes includes a check engine light on. Unfortunately the check engine light in many of these cases does not tell the customer what it could be. Commonly it’s transmission fluid discolored, looking like cholcolate or strawberry milkshake (depending on the year of the vehicle).

This is a common issue with these Nissans in that water is leaking from the radiator through a crack internally giving you that milky look to the fluids mixing together. This causes damage to the clutch linings within the transmission giving you the symptons of a slipping, bucking, or erratic shift.

When this happens a transmission flush is required, a new radiatior, and generally some minor internal repairs. But prolonged it can create enough internal damage to the transmission where it needs an overhaul or a complete replacement.

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